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Energy-efficient LED-lighting for Stansted airport hotel in London

The group selected OSRAM products to suit the performance of different areas in the hotel. It was necessary that the visitor locations had the same lighting color temperature level, to develop a consistent, relaxing environment. By contrast, the personnel areas of the hotel required functional lighting, so that staff could work successfully and safely. With the right plans in location, OSRAM, Ecosolve Solutions, Mico Lighting and Norwood Electrical set up the brand-new principle throughout 2 stages; ensuring very little interruption to the hotel and its visitors.

Fiona Thomson, National Account Manager at Mico Lighting describes, it was necessary that the job ran smoothly, which the hotel might continue company as typical, so we put in place exceptional items and a high quality team. Among the main advantages of OSRAM is the variety of products readily available to satisfy the complex requirements of the hotel.

The team started in the reception area, with LEDvance XL downlights to match the LED worlds, which are the primary focal point. These strengthened the natural light in the lobby with a cheerful warming and welcoming environment. This ambiance was continued through to the meeting room centers, where LEDvance Area LED panel luminaires and GU10 LEDr downlights with dimming ability, were set up to allow the rooms to adjust to various functions.

Ian Giddis, Director at Ecosolve Solutions stated, it was crucial that we chose the ideal lighting solution for each different location of the hotel. Some locations, such as the restaurant, had actually been just recently reconditioned, so the lighting only needed an upgrade to more efficient technology. In other locations, such as the main function suite, a brand-new lighting design was required. We wanted to make sure these looked their best at all times, especially when they are empty and hotel team member are showing a potential customer around. The OSRAM LED panel luminaires and LEDr GU10s have actually absolutely transformed the rooms, making them welcoming and revitalizing.

Refreshing and upgrading the hotel.

The new uplifting theme was reproduced throughout the remainder of the hotel. Dark bed room passages that did not have natural light have been transformed into appealing, welcoming locations. The pool changing area, restaurant and bar areas were likewise offered a new lease of life with LED lighting alternatives lasting considerably longer, indicating minimal time invested changing lamps around the hotel.

Fiona Thomson of Mico Lighting discussed, the choice of lighting in any hotel can significantly alter the family experience. The OSRAM option was designed with care to bring the hotel an unwinder and up-to-date feel, in addition to dealing with the hotel s energy saving targets.

Ian Giddis agreed, Old fittings and ineffective lamps provided the hotel an out-of-date look. By generating the OSRAM solution, the hotel has been through a complete improvement. Even altering a lamp is now much easier for the hotel staff there played to be a mismatch of several lamps types in the bar area now there are a little number that s simpler to manage.

Shining the light on energy cost savings.

Taking this collaborated approach to the lighting task, 958 lamps and luminaires were installed at the hotel on time, without disrupting the hotel s day to day operations.

The brand-new lighting has actually enhanced the quality of light at the hotel with substantial energy savings in light sources alone. As an outcome, the hotel will have accomplished their ROI target in 2.4 years with the brand-new lighting setup.

The Head of Hotel Maintenance stated that by picking the OSRAM option, the hotel has also reduced its maintenance costs, saving approximately 1 hour daily due to the life time of the new LED lighting, compared with the previous halogen lamps.

The job has been so effective, that further lighting tasks will be finished in cooperation with the OSRAM group.


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